Participants 2012

This year we've eight fabulous theatre groups coming to Dartmouth to show you their best…

Ditsum Players ☜

The Hebrew Lesson

Rehearsal for DDF 2010

Back for 2012. Dit'sum's powerful presentation in 2010 was Wolf Mankowitz's

"The Hebrew Lesson" by ; a powerful insight into Religious, Racial and political intolerance set in Ireland during the repression imposed by the notorious

Salcombe Players ☜

Birthday Honours

Salcombe Players Rehearsing Gosforth’s Fete

Gosforth's Fete - Rehearsal

Last years production, an extract from "Alarms and Excursions" by Michael Frayn. Light comedy, hilariously played. A society brimming with talent.

This year's production is dedicated to the Memory of Eric Yates, we fondly remember his hilarious portrayal of the Butler in

Stoke Fleming Operatic & Drama Society ☜

Scenes From The Real History of Stoke Fleming

SODS rehearsal for Old Folks

Old Folks - Rehearsal

Back after a break last year, SOD's are one of DDF's regular participants. In 2011 they gave us "Scenes From The Real History of Stoke Fleming". The production, written in-house, was bonkers fun, as the photo shows; King John being met by peasants during his vistit to Stoke Fleming in 1215.

The Inn Theatre Company ☜

Split Ends

The cast giving nothing away

The Inn Theatre Company are Dartmouth based and well known for their excellent, annual, open air Shakespeare productions at Dartmouth Castle. The Inn Theatre Company

Last year they gave us an extract from their highly successful production of As You Like It. 

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